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If you are just beginning to research a topic, two excellent starting places are Student Resources in Context (magazine, newspaper, and reference book articles) and Gale Virtual Reference Library (reference books).  Quick Search boxes are on the left. These databases have a wide breadth of coverage.  If you need additional information, check to see if there is a subject-specific database that fits your topic. 

There is no simple, one-stop shop for all relevant information.  Different article and eBook databases contain both redundant and unique information.  If you can't find enough information in one database, check another database--perhaps a subject-specific one. If you get stuck or need help, please talk to your teacher, or visit or email Mrs. Luzenski, your librarian.  

The books below are a sample of the Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) eBook collection.  Additional eBooks are added every year.  These eBooks have unlimited simultaneous access--no checkout or e-reader necessary.